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Look up to the stars. Wipe away the awestruck wonder from your eyes and start your search for a business account that does exactly what you need it to do; allowing you to track your finances as a start up, small business, sole trader or limited company.

Which business account is right for me?

Start Ups

As a start up business owner, you need an account provider that will keep your finances organised, allow you to claim VAT and give you dedicated support from day one.

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Switching your business account is the best way to avoid paying excessive monthly fees, gain a better level of support or take advantage of additional customer benefits.

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No credit check

If you’ve had issues with borrowing money as a business before, you may need a business account that will allow you to apply without a credit check.

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    In the first instance, having a business bank account allows you to isolate the money running in and out of the company, without getting it mixed up with your own personal finances.

    This is especially important if you are a new business, a start-up business or just a small business, as it can be tempting to mix your business expenses with a personal account without much thought. But this can get messy over time and makes it more difficult to fill out a tax return and claim back VAT by the end of the financial year.

    What is a business bank account?

    A business bank account is simply a current account that acts as a secure repository for company money. It will usually come complete with additional features that appeal specifically to you as a business owner, such as access to a business manager to support you in using the account.

    Having a business account ultimately makes a lot of sense when it comes to organising your finances, especially when it comes to managing business expenses, paying employees, paying tax, setting up direct debits and reporting on company profits.

    Having a business account creates a clear, secure space to keep your profits, pay tax, pay monthly expenses and pay employee wages if necessary. You can also make the most of any additional features supplied with your business account such as an overdraft, unlimited deposits and even cashback rewards.

    What type of business account should I use?

    Just like current accounts, there are a few different types of business account, each of which will appeal to a business owner with different priorities. The following business accounts are available for business owners to take advantage of:

    • Start Up business account – these business accounts are designed primarily for those start up business owners who are always on-the-go and require easy, secure access to their accounts at a moment’s notice. Features and support are tailored towards sole traders and will make running the account as easy as possible for new business owners
    • Switcher business account – banks and building societies will often provide switch incentives for business owners thinking of switching, similar to current account owners who do the same. Small business owners can benefit from the Current Account Switching Service too, meaning that a switch can be completed within seven working days
    • No credit check business account – if you or your business has struggled borrowing money in the past and making monthly repayments, you might want to think about a no credit check business account instead. These alternative business accounts are ideal if you have a bad credit score and are less likely to be accepted by major providers

    Am I eligible to apply for a business account?

    It’s always worth checking your credit report prior to applying for any sort of new business account. Even if the account doesn’t necessarily require a credit check, it’s worth seeing your credit score, just in case you’re thinking about applying for a business loan in the future.

    If you have got a poor credit score, you might want to consider a no credit check business account instead.

    We work with a number of providers to deliver a wide selection of business accounts for you to pick from, ensuring you can find the right account to help you and your business.

    Each provider is screened to make sure they meet our high standards before we agree to work with them. This ensures that you can trust them as much as we do, allowing you to find the best product from a reputable source.

    We have a diverse range of providers who can support your business whether you’re a sole trader, start up or limited company, or anything in between.

    Have a look through our providers to see which one might be able to provide the best business account for you.

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