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Business Account
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No fee

Account Fee


Free Banking Duration

Get 1 year of free transfers and £50 cashback. Just use the code: MONEYGURU. £1 cash withdrawal and deposit fees will still apply. No monthly or annual fees.

Revolut for Business

Business Account
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No fee

Account Fee


Free Banking Duration

Revolut for Business is a next generation business account from Revolut, used by freelancers and companies to save time, save money and stay in control.


Business Account
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No fee

Account Fee

6 months

Free Banking Duration

£0 per month for monthly incomes under £500. ANNA is free for six months for new customers upgrading to paid plans where incomes are over £500 per month, with no tie-in. Monthly plans costs from £4.90. 

Starling Bank

Business Current Account
Switch Guarantee
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No fee

Account Fee


Free Banking Duration

No Monthly Fees. Deposit money at over 11,500 Post Office branches nationwide for as little as £3 per deposit. Share your transaction feed with your accounting software instantly and in real time.

Cashplus Business

Business Bank Account
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£69 per year

Account Fee


Free Banking Duration

No credit check to open an account. Instant online decision, simple online application.

Card One Money

Business Account
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£12.50 per month

Account Fee

3 months

Free Banking Duration

No credit checks. Up to 4 additional cardonemoney prepaid corporate MasterCards® which are linked to your business account.

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  • Switcher Bank Accounts

    Switching your business account is the best way to avoid paying excessive monthly fees, gain a better level of support or take advantage of additional customer benefits.

    If you’ve already had a business account for some time, but are thinking of switching as you’ve seen a better deal, there are plenty of switch incentives that might tempt you to take your business to another bank or building society.

    Whether you’re offered period of no fees, a cash reward or a new collection of benefits or perks, there are many switch incentives you can take advantage of if you move to another bank or building society. You might even want to move due to poor service from your existing bank, making it even more prevalent you find the right business bank account for you.

    Why should I switch business bank accounts?

    As listed above, there are several good reasons for switching business accounts, so as long as you aren’t too precious about staying with the same bank, you can benefit from a welcome offer or collection of perks just for switching.

    The following might apply to your business if you are already looking to switch to a new provider:

    • Your introductory offer has expired – some business accounts will provide you with an introductory offer where you won’t have to pay any monthly fees. While this might last for a lengthy period of time, when it runs out you will have to pay a small fee. Switching to another offer might be a good way to avoid this, as long as you can find another introductory offer
    • You’ve had a bank come recommended – you may have associates or colleagues in your industry recommend a particular bank as they have had a good experience in the past when using them to organise their accounts
    • You’re looking for a better level of support – as a small business owner you might have struggled getting support from your first choice of bank or building society. Whether it comes from a recommendation or just from your own research, if another provider has better support options then it might be worth the switch
    • Your current bank doesn’t offer many perks – you might have heard that another bank or building society offers certain perks more applicable to your business. This can be tempting, especially if your current bank has a lack of perks or rewards and you aren’t particularly attached to them

    How do I switch business accounts?

    If you’re thinking of switching to another business bank account, there is now a convenient service to help you do it faster. The Current Account Switching Service (CASS) set up in 2013 now enables both personal and business account owners to switch within 7 working days, though if it’s a joint business account you will need permission of all parties before making the switch.

     The only stipulations for performing a switch through CASS is the following:

    • Your business must have fewer than 50 employees
    • Your annual turnover must not exceed £6.5 million

    You should be asked a number of security questions to ascertain if you are the owner of the account, so you will have to provide all requested documentation to prove this. After that it should be a straightforward switch, where your balance, direct debits and standing orders are transferred and your old account closed down. For more information on CASS, head over to their website here.

    We work with a number of providers to deliver a wide selection of business accounts for you to pick from, ensuring you can find the right account to help you and your business.

    Each provider is screened to make sure they meet our high standards before we agree to work with them. This ensures that you can trust them as much as we do, allowing you to find the best product from a reputable source.

    We have a diverse range of providers who can support your business whether you’re a sole trader, start up or limited company, or anything in between.

    Have a look through our providers to see which one might be able to provide the best business account for you.

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