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Compare Business Loans


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Compare Business Loans

Money Guru helps business owners of all sizes to compare some of our best loan deals in the market. Whether you are a start up, a small medium enterprise or a large corporate concern, our comparison service will allow you to compare offers that are more appropriate to you and your financial circumstances.

Small business loans

Expand, introduce capital and grow your business with a small business loan. Compare online at Money Guru and determine what type of loan is more suitable for your business. Understand the key benefits, the term duration and what the associated costs are before applying.

Can I get a business loan?

As a general rule, a lender will take a view of your credit history as well as your business plan and/or audited accounts. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that they will want to know how you plan to run your business with a capital injection.

A lender will also determine your credit worthiness which in turn could determine the rate on which the loan will be based, its all about risk. Good clean credit profiles would generally see a better rate whilst a poor credit profile may be subjected to higher rates or in some cases, the lender would not lend at all.

Good for
  • Start ups
  • Established businesses
  • Seasonable businesses
  • Repayments can mirror cash flow
  • Flexible funding
  • Expansion or refurbishment
  • Business must be registered in the UK
  • Aged 18 years or over
  • Must not be bankrupt or in an IVA or CVA
  • Guarantor may be required for Ltd business
  • Assets may be required to secure the loan
  • You haven’t been a disqualified director

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