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Not all credit cards are created equally. The Money Guru’s powers of comparison can bring clarity where there is uncertainty.

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What is a credit card?

A credit card differs from a debit card in that a debit card is used to pay funds from your account. A credit card payment comes from funds that you do not have. These funds are borrowed from a bank or other lender, and should be paid back on a monthly basis.

The world of credit cards brings forth a range of options, but in general the following applies:

  1. An interest-free period for new users.
  2. Interest being applied every month on unpaid credit card balances.
  3. Lenders may stipulate on a minimum payment every month, the rest gaining interest to be paid in the future.
  4. Charges on unpaid payments.
  5. A credit limit.

What are credit cards used for?

Credit cards are used for many different things, from everyday expenses to major one-off purchases. Much depends on your financial needs. Credit cards are sometimes used by people as an alternative to a personal loan. Others may like having a credit card purely in case of financial emergency. You can compare credit cards here.

Whilst credit cards can offer their owners great financial freedom and security against losing money in the form of physical cash, it is essential to shop around to find the credit card that is right for your needs and circumstances. It is easy to give in to temptation and rack up further debt if you do not keep careful tabs on your spending.

For more information, see our insights on how to score a great balance transfer card, balance transfer credit card wisdom and how balance transfer cards work.

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