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Top 10 balance transfer credit cards for 2019

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Compare Balance Transfer Cards

Have you been thinking about taking out a new balance transfer card in 2019? It can certainly be a good way to streamline your finances, especially if you’ve found yourself with multiple credit products and would like to combine them into one.

Moving your debt around might seem like a sideways step when trying to pay it off, but actually it can be incredibly worthwhile. As well as saving you a lot of money over your repayment period, it can ensure you pay off the total debt sooner and make it much easier to manage with having just one payment rather than multiple.

If this sounds better than unwrapping a brand new set of glittery purple robes complete with socks and sandals, then a balance transfer card might just be for you.

What is the best balance transfer card for me?

Depending on the balance transfer deal you choose, your balance transfer card will either have a long introductory period or no transfer fees to pay, and sometimes both. This perk will allow you to benefit the most from consolidating your debts and allow you to effectively manage your debt. Read more about the perks below:

  • Promotional period – normally lasting for a set number of months, this will usually include 0% on balance transfers meaning you have enough time to consolidate your debt onto one card
  • No transfer fee – this means that every time you make a transfer, you will not be charged a handling fee for doing so. If it’s also within a 0% balance transfer period, you will avoid any charges entirely when moving your debts over

Would you like more information on balance transfer cards? Have a read of our guide choosing a balance transfer card, to find out what you should be looking out for when picking the right deal for you. Alternatively, ask yourself ‘should I get a balance transfer card?’ or discover the 8 golden rules of balance transfer cards for further advice.

Have a look below at our top 10, which includes a breakdown of the best low-fee cards and best promotional period cards.

Top 10 Balance Transfer Cards:

Top 5 promotional period cards

  1. Virgin Money 29 month Balance Transfer Credit Card
  2. Barclaycard Platinum Lead Balance Transfer Credit Card 28 months
  3. M&S Bank Transfer Plus Credit Card 28 months
  4. Virgin Money 27 month Balance Transfer Card
  5. Barclaycard Platinum Purchase Balance Transfer Credit Card 25 months

Top 5 low-fee cards

  1. Royal Bank of Scotland Balance Transfer Credit Card 23 months - No transfer fee
  2. NatWest Balance Transfer Credit Card 23 months - No transfer fee
  3. Barclaycard Platinum Cashback Plus - No transfer fee
  4. 118 118 Money Card - No transfer fee
  5. Virgin Money 27 month Balance Transfer Credit Card - 1.45%

This information is updated monthly and reflects our Top 10 Balance Transfer cards for September 2019.

Are you still unsure whether you might be eligible for our top 10 balance transfer cards? Try filling in our moneymatcher online comparison tool to find the best balance transfer card for you. We simply need a couple of personal details and you will receive a list of the most relevant cards, all without affecting your credit rating.

Head over to our Balance Transfer Credit Cards page to browse through the entire list of cards available. You can also read more balance transfer guides and look at our FAQs for more information.

Robert Bester - Content Writer

Updated on 9th September 2019