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0% Purchase Credit Cards

Balance Transfer Calculator


All in One Credit Card
Santander logo

15 months

0% interest on purchases


Monthly fee

Representative Example: 21.9% p.a. (variable) on card purchases. This is equivalent to 27.7% APR representative (variable) based on an assumed credit limit of £1,200. Monthly fee: £3.


Everyday Long Term Balance Transfer Credit Card
Santander logo

3 months

0% interest on purchases

No fee

Annual fee

Representative Example:

22.9% p.a. (variable) on card purchases. This is equivalent to 22.9% APR representative (variable) based on an assumed credit limit of £1,200.


Zopa Credit Card
Zopa logo


0% interest on purchases

No fee

Annual fee

Representative Example: Rates from 24.9%, Representative example: 34.9% representative APR variable based on an assumed credit limit of £1200. 34.9% p.a. variable purchase rate.

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    Would you like to apply for a 0% purchase credit card but aren’t sure where to start? Broaden your horizons with our selection of spending cards below; ideal for spreading payments out over several months and giving you added security when making expensive purchases.

    What is a 0% purchase credit card?

    Whether you’re trying to pay for a holiday, or purchasing white goods such as a washing machine or refrigerator, a 0% purchase credit card won’t add on any interest for the time stated. This means you can spread the overall cost and pay it back in your own time.

    In addition, there is added security with purchases. If a fraudulent transaction is made on your spending card, the bank will be able to step in and claim the money back on your behalf. This also applies to faulty items, a service not given or a company going out of business.

    What is the best 0% purchase credit card for me?

    It’s worth looking through our selection of 0% purchase credit cards to discover the right one for your needs. Don’t worry if you’re new to financial wisdom; watch out for the following important features:

    • 0% purchase period: This is the amount of time you have to make purchases without accruing annual interest. Try to make sure that you pay off the balance by the end of the interest free period, otherwise you will start accruing interest
    • Annual fee: Some 0% purchase credit cards come with an annual fee that you will have to pay. Check whether the credit card comes with a fee before you apply
    • APR: The Annual Purchase Rate dictates how much you will pay across a year of borrowing using the card. This will only apply once the 0% interest period has finished
    • Credit rating: Your credit score or rating is an indication of your financial health and can be affected by many different things. If you want to find out if your credit rating is good, you can compare credit reports here

    Still feeling a bit unsure? Walk the Guru’s path by using our moneymatcher comparison tool. By inputting a few details, our clever moneymatcher tool can show you credit cards that you are most eligible for, all without affecting your credit score.

    Our credit card providers

    We work with a huge range of providers to give you a wide selection of financial products, ensuring you can find a credit card that is right for you.

    Each provider is screened to make sure they meet our high standards before we agree to work with them. This ensures that you can trust them as much as we do, allowing you to find the best product from a reputable source.

    Our range of credit card providers will allow you to choose between different card types including 0% balance transfer, 0% purchase, rewards, credit builder, gold & premium, travel, air miles, low rate and cashback. Our moneymatcher comparison tool will allow you to narrow down your search and pick out the right credit card for you.

    Have a look at our provider pages to see our full list of credit card providers.

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