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Compare Purchase cards

Have you been considering applying for a 0% purchase credit card in 2022? Whether you are looking to spread the cost of multiple items or simply want to protect your purchases through a credit card, a purchase card can come in very handy.

The benefits of getting a 0% purchase credit card include:

  1. Spreading the cost of expensive purchases
  2. Preferable over a finance deal where you may have to pay interest
  3. Choose how much you want to pay back per month
  4. Many cards will give you around 2 years of 0% interest

Taking out a 0% interest purchase credit card is a clever way to spread the cost of multiple purchases, or perhaps one big purchase, without having to pay for it up front out of your own personal money. As one of the most versatile credit cards, it can provide you with a flexible way of borrowing money, while paying back smaller amounts on a monthly basis.

If you would like to borrow money without having to pay any interest on top, then have a look below at our top 10 purchase credit cards, updated every month so you can find the best card for you.

What is the best purchase credit card for me?

Thankfully, it’s quite easy to compare and find the best purchase credit cards as the main differentiator is the length of the promotional period. This is how long you will be able to spend on the purchase credit card interest free, as long as you keep up with at least the minimum repayment every month.

Have a look below at what you should be looking for when it comes to 0% purchase credit cards:

  • Promotional period – as mentioned, this is the main thing you’ll be looking out for. Essentially this is the length of time you will be able to spend without paying interest. After this time, you will then be liable to pay interest on top
  • Balance transfers – a few purchase credit cards come with a balance transfer feature as well, meaning that you can also transfer money and spread the cost of that debt too. The length of this offer might also factor into your decision-making. Check out our top 10 balance transfer cards here
  • Rewards and benefits – you will often find that purchase credit cards will come with specific rewards such as loyalty points and travel bonuses such as the free use of an airport lounge. This might be a deciding factor if two cards are very similar

Depending on your choice of card provider, you will have varying terms and rewards that you can take advantage of, so it’s worth browsing our selection of purchase credit cards to find the right one for you.

If you need a bit more information on purchase credit cards, you might to read up on the following articles:

Top 10 purchase credit cards

  1. Barclaycard - 22/24 Month Platinum Combo Card
  2. M&S Bank – Shopping Plus Offer Credit Card – 23 Months
  3. HSBC – Purchase Plus Credit Card – 22 Months
  4. Santander - All in One Credit Card - 20 months
  5. M&S Bank – Reward Credit Card – 12 Months
  6. Barclaycard – 24 month Platinum Balance Transfer Credit Card - 6 months
  7. Barclaycard – 15 month Platinum Balance Transfer Credit Card - 6 months
  8. HSBC – Rewards Credit Card – 6 Months
  9. Santander - Everyday Long Term Balance Transfer Credit Card - 3 months
  10. Santander - Everyday No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card - 3 months

This information is updated monthly and reflects our Top 10 purchase cards for January 2022

Still not sure about which purchase credit card might be the one for you? Find out your eligibility and narrow down your search by using our free online comparison tool, moneymatcher. Simply enter a few details and moneymatcher will find the most relevant cards for you, all without affecting your credit rating.