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Valentine's Day is coming and love is in the air. Your social media feeds will be awash with flowers, chocolate, and scented nonsense, but which credit card freebies will get your heart racing? If you’re looking for credit love, allow me to enlighten you.

Some credit card providers will try to tap you up with alluring freebies. There's always the possibility of finding a deal, but don’t be fooled – you’re looking for love, not lust. Here’s what to remember:  


The simplest form of reward is lovely, lovely cash and some cards allow you to earn cashback as you spend. How much you get back depends on the rate of your card. There’s usually a limit on how much you can build up, but if you’re a big spender, this could be just the type to float your boat.


Some supermarkets offer credit cards that allow you to build up points you can exchange for rewards. Some rewards will only be available if you spend in certain places, so if you’re going steady with a particular store, you might as well take advantage of any rewards you can get. For example, providers such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco offer reward points – visit my Comparison Table to compare and be aware. 

Shop points/vouchers

There are other credit cards that are more footloose and fancy-free. They’ll let you collect points that aren’t specific to one particular supermarket or shop. They’re pretty close to cashback, as they give you vouchers for a range of shops, such as Amazon, M&S, Homebase and more.

Air miles

If you're a frequent traveller, there are some pretty fit rewards you can get from credit cards. There are loads of cards that can help you get free flights (excluding taxes of course), upgrades or even hotel stays. For example, Virgin Money and American Express reward users with air miles – visit my Comparison Table to find out more.

Be wise

As with all credit cards, you should make sure you can pay off your bill at the end of each month. It's easy to be enticed by all the freebies offered by a credit card, but if you miss your payments, you'll not be feeling the love for the interest charges.

Remember – nothing is as sacred as the unconditional love between a MoneyGuru and his followers. Hit me up in my Wisdom section and I can teach you the joys of financial awareness.

Peace and loans,

The G.