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Bad Credit Current Accounts


Current Account
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No credit check


Open an account in 3 minutes, online or on your mobile, with no credit check. Pay in cash at 28,000 PayPoint locations, improve your credit through Pockit-LOQBOX, and earn cashback.


Deluxe Current Account
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No Credit check required. Instant approval. You can add on a Creditbuilder facility. Account Number and Sort Code immediately available*. iDraft facility for eligible customers with a limit up to £250. £5.95 Card Issue Fee. £9.95 Monthly fee. Please see 'More Info'. *Terms and Conditions apply, including applicants being resident in the UK & aged 18+.


Current Account
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No credit checks to open an online current account. You can apply if you have bad credit, a CCJ or going through bankruptcy. Makes managing your finances simple and hassle free: Money managers help budget bills which could improve your credit rating.

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    If you’re looking for a current account but have previously had problems repaying credit cards or loans, it can be difficult to know whether you will be accepted by major banks and building societies.

    However, there are basic current accounts designed to help if you have bad credit, that come with features to stop you overspending and limited access to borrowing additional money.

    What is a bad credit current account?

    A current account for someone with bad credit is normally referred to as a basic current account, and comes with restricted options to ensure you don’t overspend and accumulate more debt.

    Restricted features will allow you to deposit money, spend using a debit card or cash card, transfer money and set up direct debits. However, you won’t be able to access an overdraft, use a cheque book or set up standing orders.

    What is the best current account if I have bad credit?

    Any account that stops you from accumulating more debt is ideal if you have bad credit, and gives you time to improve your credit score.

    As mentioned above, a basic current account is an opportunity to still manage your money, but without putting yourself at risk of picking up more penalty charges. You might want to think about the following when searching for a current account:

    • Credit check – most basic current accounts won’t require you to be credit checked when you apply, which means you’re less likely to be rejected if you have a bad credit score
    • Avoid overdrafts – as much as overdrafts can be useful with standard current accounts, they can also lead to additional fees if you start using it, so they’re best avoided so you don’t increase your debt
    • Avoid monthly fees – some current accounts such as packaged current accounts will charge a monthly fee in return for certain benefits. If you’re looking to budget and improve your credit score, try to avoid these accounts completely

    Can I apply for a bad credit current account?

    Given that many basic current accounts are available without a credit check, it’s highly likely that whatever your credit score, you will be accepted. It’s always best to check your credit report anyway, just so you can find out what your credit score is and find out ways to improve it.

    Whilst you might be eligible for a bad credit current account, if you have a good credit score you might want to stick to a standard current account, as this will offer a lot more benefits simply for owning the account.

    Our current account providers

    We work with a huge range of providers to give you a wide selection of current accounts to choose from, ensuring you can find an account that will assist you in managing your money.

    Each provider is screened to make sure they meet our high standards before we agree to work with them. This ensures that you can trust them as much as we do, allowing you to find the best product from a reputable source.

    We have a wide range of current accounts from high street banks with thousands of branches to smaller challenger banks whose app-based current accounts can be accessed quickly and easily.

    Whether you are looking to switch to a standard current account, or find a student account with a free overdraft, you can easily browse our products and start comparing them today.

    Have a look through our list of providers to find the right current account for you.

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