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Travel Current Accounts

Starling Bank

Current Account
Switch Guarantee
Starling Bank logo

No fee

Cash withdrawal fee

No fee

Purchase fee

Representative Example:

If you use an arranged overdraft of £1,200 a 15% EAR will apply. Interest on your balances: 0.05% AER on balances up to £85,000. 2019 Best British Bank Winner - Best Current Account Provider.


Simple Current Account
Monese logo

No fee up to £200

Cash withdrawal fee

No fee

Purchase fee

100% mobile Current Account via the Monese app. Get £5 after the first successful card transaction (excluding ATM) and £15 after spending £500. Enter invite code MONEYGURU21 when you sign up.


Standard Current Account
Revolut logo

No fee

Cash withdrawal fee

No fee

Purchase fee

Revolut is a prepaid card and app used by 4.5m+ customers across Europe and Australia, to make massive savings on fees when spending and sending money abroad. See More details.


Everyday Current Account
Switch Guarantee
Santander logo


Cash withdrawal fee


Purchase fee

Representative Example:

If you use an arranged overdraft of £1,200 you will be charged 39.94% APR (variable)/ EAR (variable). Actual credit limit may differ. Arranged Overdraft Usage 39.94% APR (variable)/ EAR (variable). £130 cashback to switch to a simple and straightforward current account, with no monthly fee.

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    If you have ever asked the question, ‘can I use my debit card abroad?’, you might be best off applying for a travel current account. Some bank accounts are considered ‘travel-friendly’ meaning that they come with no foreign transaction fees and give you a better exchange rate than other banking providers.

    To find the best current account for travelling, it’s worth comparing providers to see how much importance they put on different currencies and if they allow you to make international payments in the same way you would transfer to a standard UK account. In addition, if a certain provider allows you to avoid foreign transaction fees, you are likely to save money whilst using your debit card, compared to other types of spending abroad.

    If you plan on spending money outside the UK and need a current account that will help you avoid excessive fees, take a look at our comparison tables to find out more.

    What is a travel current account?

    Even though there isn’t strictly a product called a travel current account, there are plenty of providers who put an emphasis on international travel and spending on your debit card outside the UK. By switching current accounts, you will benefit from their rates or services if you work internationally or travel frequently.

    Getting a bank account with the following features would benefit you if you plan on travelling abroad frequently:

    • Exchange rates with no added fees
    • No foreign transaction fees
    • Free withdrawals outside the UK
    • Travel insurance included
    • Access to Airport lounges
    • Concierge services

    What are foreign transaction fees?

    When you spend money outside of the UK, you can often incur certain fees, depending on how you have been spending.

    Whether it is a credit card or debit card, some providers will add on fees for every transaction you make, whilst some will avoid them completely, making it cheaper you to spend on your card or even withdraw cash.

    Foreign transaction fees include the following:

    • Non-sterling transaction fee – every time you make a purchase on your card, your provider may choose to charge you an extra fee
    • Load fee – when outside the UK, you will always get the choice of spending in sterling or the local currency. If you choose the local currency, your bank will do the conversion, but some will add on extra load fees of their own
    • ATM withdrawal fee – these are standard fees added onto any cash withdrawal made outside the UK, which is usually more expensive than usual

    Which providers offer good travel rates?

    There are plenty of providers that will put an emphasis on travel, meaning that they can provide preferable exchange rates and no foreign transaction fees so you don’t end up spending excessively whilst outside the UK.

    Accounts that have preferable rates and benefits for travellers are ideal for both those going on holiday, or those travelling for business, meaning that you can keep costs low and even budget better for each trip you make.

    Our current account providers

    We work with a huge range of providers to give you a wide selection of current accounts to choose from, ensuring you can find an account that will assist you in managing your money.

    Each provider is screened to make sure they meet our high standards before we agree to work with them. This ensures that you can trust them as much as we do, allowing you to find the best product from a reputable source.

    We have a wide range of current accounts from high street banks with thousands of branches to smaller challenger banks whose app-based current accounts can be accessed quickly and easily.

    Whether you are looking to switch to a standard current account, or find a student account with a free overdraft, you can easily browse our products and start comparing them today.

    Have a look through our list of providers to find the right current account for you.

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