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Credit cards

Credit Cards

Welcome to the Guru’s guide to credit cards, a one-stop shop for everything you need to know.

From in-depth guides to all the credit card types, alternatives methods of finance, the legal side and things you need to watch out for, you’ll find it all in our expert hub.

Ready to open the doors to the world of credit cards? Find everything you need to know using the ever-so-handy links below.

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Understanding credit cards

Understand credit cards and managing them is so much easier. From fees and charges to avoiding fraud, click on the guides below for more information.

Which credit card is best for me?

There are many types of credit cards. Some have specific uses. When deciding on a credit card, it’s essential to get one that meets your needs. Know what you’re going to use your card for and you’ll know what to look out for.

Knowledge, as ever, is power, so click on the links below to really get clued up.

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Credit card advantages & disadvantages

Like most things in life, credit cards have plenty of pros and cons. Great for convenience, spreading the cost and shopping safely, they can also come with charges, affect your credit score and prove a temptation to spend money you don’t have. Some cards come with financial perks and can be used purely to let these build up, although you’ll only get the benefit if you pay off your bill every month, interest-free.

Find everything you need to know about credit card advantages and disadvantages by following the link above.

Alternatives to credit cards

Depending on your situation, a credit card may not be the best financial option for you. See here our guide to alternatives. 

Updated on 14th December 2017