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Which Credit Card is Best for Me?

Which Credit Card is Best for Me

Credit cards can come in useful for a whole host of reasons. You may be looking at having one purely for emergency situations. Or perhaps there’s something you need to buy now that’s presently beyond your finances.

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What’s the best credit card?

There are several types of credit card. Generally the card will have its specific purpose or benefit within its title. When deciding on the ‘best’ credit card for you, that really depends on what you’re going to be using it for.

Get to know the terms with the Guru’s guides below and click on the titles to find out more.

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  • Using credit cards overseas
  • What is a money transfer credit card?
  • What is a 0% purchase credit card?
  • What is a low interest credit card?
  • What is a prepaid credit card?

How to choose the right credit card

Once you’ve become au fait with the types of credit card and the pros and cons of each, try our magical MoneyMatcher for size.

The MoneyMatcher helps you compare all the key points like APRs, total cost of borrowing, cost of late and default fees and whether a product has an annual or monthly fee that adds to the overall cost of borrowing. Just type in your details and reveal your financial desires and it will even highlight the products you’re more likely to be accepted for, all without making a mark on your credit file.

If you do decide to go with an application (which will involve a credit search) don’t forget that only 51% of the people who apply for a credit card will typically snag the representative APR rate, so you may be offered a higher APR or a lower limit by a lender.

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For more information, see our guides to understanding credit cards, credit card advantages and disadvantages or find alternatives to credit cards here.