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Guarantor Loans

Guarantor Loans

If you need to access credit but you have either a poor credit history or little or no credit history, then a guarantor loan could be a suitable option.

A guarantor loan allows you to borrow money with the added security of having someone vouch for you and promise to step in and make repayments if you can’t.

For a full explanation of guarantor loans and everything you need to know about them before you make a decision, read this Money Guru guide.

Pros and cons of guarantor loans

The Money Guru takes you through the advantages and disadvantages of a guarantor loan.

Is a Guarantor Loan right for me?

This article explains what a guarantor loan is and how it works. It also shares the Money Guru’s wisdom on things you need to consider when taking out a guarantor loan.

Guarantor loans for non-homeowners

Don’t own your own home and struggling to get a loan? Then a guarantor loan could be for you. This guide delves into guarantor loans if you and/or your guarantor does not own their own home.

What you need to know about being a guarantor

Being a guarantor is not a decision to take lightly. So in this article the Money Guru goes through all you need to consider before you make your mind up.

Guarantor loans for those refused credit

If you’ve been refused credit in the past, getting it again can be more difficult. Guarantor loans may provide you with a way to access funds. In this guide, Money Guru goes through the process of getting a guarantor loan.

Alternatives to guarantor loans

If a guarantor loan is not quite for you, there are other options available. This article takes you through them one by one.

Finding the right guarantor for a loan

Finding the right guarantor for a loan can be a difficult process. The Money Guru has words of wisdom on how to find the perfect person to be your guarantor and he shares them here.

How long do negative factors stay on my credit report?

For many, a mistake or two on your credit report can have a negative effect. But for how long? Learn more about the more common credit blunders and how long you can expect them to stay on your report.

Updated on 1st September 2017