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An incredible 25% of 20-34 year olds are currently living with their parents, this often being a cheaper option to renting or the ever-more-unaffordable option of a mortgage. Many are in this position in order to pay off debt – student loans or otherwise – whilst others are using this option to save for a wedding, house or new wheels.

Convenient as all this sounds, returning to the family nest is unlikely to be a bed of roses. For many individuals, moving back home follows a period of great independence, years at university or working away, learning life skills and having no one to please but oneself.

In this time, parents are likely to have readjusted to life back as a twosome, having time to themselves and also enjoying a citrus burst of independence. Anyone moving back home expecting to revert to their previous, younger self with your parents toeing the line could be in for a short, sharp shock.

Thankfully there are many advantages to moving back home with your parents, alongside a few pointers to be mindful of. Follow our guide and ensure the experience is as delightful for all as can be.

Moving Back home infographic

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