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The heist has leant itself to many a famous film and novel. From the Italian Job and Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels to The Sting and Ocean’s Eleven, the genre is alive and well and only gets added to every year. Thus it’s no surprise that heists have gone on to be the subject of many a best-selling video game.

Gone are the days when Italian plumbers and blue-haired hedgehogs ruled the video game world. These days they’re rivalled by the definitely-for-grown-ups world of Payday and Grant Theft Auto. Games that involve the user playing the role of the bad guy tend to be more popular than those when you get to play ‘the cops’, so fantasy still plays an important role in gaming!

Take our Bank of Gaming quiz and see how many of these best-selling games you can identify from the banks within them. Be warned – only the hardest of heisters will make it to the end…

Good luck!

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