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The Price of Litter’ infographic

The Price of Litter’ infographic
Money Guru

30th January 2023

1 minute read

Dropping the odd piece of litter from time to time feels like a minor action in the greater scheme of things. But given the population numbers of our planet, it doesn’t just add to the rubbish pile.

Litter is a global problem and a very costly one for all of us. Not only does every piece of litter dropped add to the taxpayer’s bill, but it affects the wider economy. The worst-littered areas attract crime, anti-social behaviour and house prices, all of which comes at a cost.

Even costlier, a huge proportion of litter ends up in the environment, on both land and sea. This is having a catastrophic effect on wildlife and is in turn affecting the food chain and what we ourselves consume.

Find out about the real price of litter in our infographic below.

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