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Top 10 Terrible Celebrity Investors’ infographic

Money Guru

23rd January 2023

1 minute read

The celebrity life certainly appears to be a glamourous one. From red carpets to screaming fans and magazine covers, not to mention cameras following your every move, celebrities are in the public eye more than ever before. There’s also a fair amount of money flying around, and it seems that merely being wealthy these days is sufficient to become a celebrity.

It’s hard to open a newspaper or switch on the news these days without monetary figures being banded around. If it’s not the amount Daniel Craig is going to pick up for the next James Bond movie, it’s the yearly profit of some entrepreneur or another. Recent news has been dominated by the revealing of BBC employees’ wages, amid the usual tales of tax-avoidance schemes and wild parties abroad.

Of course, not every celebrity is a natural with money. Plenty have attempted to add to their wealth through a shrewd investment or two, and whilst many have been successful, there are plenty who have gone the other way.

Find the most famous financial flops in our Top 10 of Terrible Celebrity Investors.

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