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1. Waste not, want not

Don’t fruit shame! Shops sell misshapen fruit and veg for a fraction of the price so if the aesthetics of your food doesn’t bother you, this regular save could add up to big bucks!

2. Make it last

Even if you channel your inner Game of Thrones and devour the whole roast chicken, there’s always some meat left on the bones. Check out Good to Know for some savvy recipes on how to make the most of your leftovers!

3. Make your credit card do the work

You cart your credit card around all day, it's high time it started to pull its weight. Loads of credit cards offer supermarket incentives as a reward for paying off your balance each month. Compare your options using our credit card comparison tool and see which card will give you the best value.

4. Cut down on your meat…

Ok, bear with me… Meat is expensive and you really don’t need to eat it for every meal. Going flexitarian will not just benefit your bank balance, eating less meat also gives you more energy and is great for the planet too. Follow #MeatFreeMonday on Twitter for some tasty meal ideas you won’t be able to resist. Now, that is good Karma.

5. Make lunches you actually want to eat

Pinterest is full of salad jars and rainbow wraps that will have your workmates drooling. Making interesting lunches from scratch at home allows you to be healthier and will stop you wasting money on snacks to brighten up your underwhelming shop-bought sandwich. You might even make some extra money as an Instagram foodie!

6. Plan your weekly meals

Stop the after-work smash and grab and take the time to plan what you are going to eat throughout the week. Planning a weekly food shop will cut down on your food waste and help you spread your ingredients throughout the week. You’ll probably argue less with your other half too…

7. Sniff out a bargain

Clipping coupons and discount codes might seem like something your Nan would do, but she’s onto a good thing! There are loads of websites offering discount codes on branded products and magazines often run ‘deal of the week’ features on a range of products that you wouldn’t usually spend your dosh on.

Check out the food and drink page at to see if any of the thousands of vouchers tickle your fancy.

8. Don’t shop hungry

Go to the shops hungry and you can guarantee that you’ll come back with a basket full of nonsense. Eat a hearty meal before you go and you will start to think with your head not your stomach.

9. Resist your inner brand snob

A lot of own label products are just as good as their branded counterparts and they could save you a small fortune each year. Just because something costs more, doesn’t mean it tastes better – Mummy Guru always said it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

10. Learn the tricks of the supermarket

Don’t let those tricksters bamboozle you into buying products you don’t need – once you know the tactics supermarkets use to encourage you to spend more, you’re far less likely to fall for their wily ways.

Let us swiftly enlighten you:

  • Things that are at eye-level are the most profitable and not necessarily the best value for you
  • Sale items are on sale for a reason and are there to get you excited – have faith and patience friend, you might find cheaper products elsewhere in the store.
  • Everyday products are spread out to force to you walk past things you don’t need – sashay right on by and keep your eyes on the prize.


11. And finally, set a weekly budget (and stick to it)

Look at your monthly bank statement, find out where you are spending the most money and work backwards from there. Set a monthly food budget that covers your supermarket shop, eating out, snacks, the works. Then factor in if there is a special occasion that might cost a little more. Seeing how much of your hard earned wage is, literally, going down the toilet is a pretty good incentive to make a change.