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Dust of your flower crown and unpack the yurt – festival season is finally here!


The average cost of going to a music festival is around £400 and Glastonbury goers spend an average £425 over the long weekend alone on transport, food and drink! With that in mind, even the most hardened reveller can do with picking up some top tips to make sure your experience is more Lady GaGa than Dane Bowers.


Luckily I’ve already done all of the dirty work for you. The (muddy) path to enlightenment is paved with the best money-saving hacks, so you can festival like the A-Lister you are without breaking the bank.


1.    Pack your own fancy snacks for midnight feasting


Unless you fancy paying through the nose for a burger of dubious meat-content and a warm bottle of pop – festival food probably isn’t the way to go for every meal. Organisers always whack up the prices of their tasty goods so why not pitch in with some friends and pack a cool bag of things you actually want to eat?


Double check that you can actually take your own food onto the festival site first though…I’m not being responsible for any tears when you have to throw away your quinoa and kombucha wraps on arrival…


2.    Snap up a cheap tent with a friend


Second to wrestling an angry octopus into a pillowcase, there is nothing worse than trying to take down an eight man, 70s style tent that you’ve borrowed off your Dad. Especially with a hangover. Go in with a mate and pick up a cheap tent that goes up (and more importantly, down) quickly and easily – leaving you still speaking to each other and with more time to par-tay.


3.    Become a social media star


Bloggers and digital influencers get load of free stuff for tweeting and Instagram-ing their way through life. If you have a half decent social media following, a selfie stick and the gift of the gab, see what you can blag from organisers and promoters in advance. Promise to give them some cool content and you could get your hands on free drinks, behind the scenes access or even VIP upgrades.


4.     Buy a burner


Not just for the criminal underworld, a throw away mobile phone can cost you as little as £8 and the battery life lasts ages. Sure, the picture quality won’t be great, but you will still be in contact with the outside world long after the last iPhone has popped its clogs.


Plus you won’t use up all your data when the WiFi signal fails. Again.


5.    Take a debit card or credit card that can be easily cancelled


Taking a small amount of cash and a card that you can cancel easily means that you won’t spend the whole weekend worrying about people nicking your spondoolies. Most festival vendors accept card payments these days and there are almost always ATM points on site in case of a (beer) emergency.

Need a few extra pennies? Compare Credit Cards or Short Term Loans.


6.    Patience is a virtue


You might want to be decked out in merch for the whole weekend, but surely the whole point is to humble-brag to your friends when you get home? Festival vendors usually drop their prices on the last day so they don’t have to lug their stock home – save your pennies until the end of the event and you could snap up a bargain or two.


Pull up a camp chair, crack open a beverage and let me serenade you with some straight forward money saving advice over on the wisdom stage. Now, who nicked my sitar?


Cash you later

The G