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8 ways a healthy lifestyle can improve your finances

As well as the physical benefits, getting fitter can help your pocket too. A healthy lifestyle can reduce the cost of life insurance and protection policies such as, income protection, critical illness and health insurance. So put down the chocolates my friend, and feast on these nuggets of financial wisdom instead.

How to Improve Your Finances


1. Junk the Junk Food

Fast food might seem like the cheap and tasty option, but it can cost you money in the long run. Making a meal-plan for the week or month is good karma and buying raw ingredients is both healthier and cheaper.

2. Get Those Knees Up

You don’t need to pay for an expensive gym – go for a walk, a bike ride or watch a fitness video on the ‘YouTubes’. Using technology to monitor behavior will become more and more common for insurance providers. Some US health insurers already offer free fitness trackers with incentives of lower premiums to meet exercise goals.

3. Cut One Thing

Try cutting one thing out of your diet, like biscuits or that cheeky glass of wine with dinner. Over time, you’ll lose weight and save money – glorious news for your body and your wallet.

4. Put the cigarette Out

You’ve heard this one before, right? But did you know if you smoke 20 a day, you’ll spend an average of £3000 per year? Another step closer to improving your finances, meditate on that.

5. Golden Slumbers

Not sleeping for 24 hours can make your body perform as if is over the alcohol limit for driving. Poor sleep leads to poor decisions – like buying that extra elephant you don’t need or not reading the small print. Rest well and make more enlightened financial decisions.

6. The Secret of Success

Richard Branson once said that the key to his productivity was ‘working out’ and he is worth roughly 5 gazillion pounds. Exercising and being healthier improves brain functionality, decreases stress and lessens your chance of dying. Not dying is definitely a wise move.

7. Bragging Rights

Living a healthy lifestyle can help to reduce the cost of life insurance and protection policies such as income protection, critical illness and health insurance. Life and health insurance take into account your medical history and your lifestyle so being a smoker or overweight can have a dramatic effect on your policy. If you have recently made a big, enlightened change to your lifestyle, big up yourself and make sure that you let your insurer know, or compare different providers to find one that will reward you for making the change. 

And finally…

Don’t forget, the fitter you are, the easier it is to chase people that owe you money.

Ok, I’m joking. Kind of.

Peace and loans,

The G.