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What are Tesco Clubcard Points?

Tesco Clubcard points is a loyalty scheme owned and operated by Tesco which allows members to collect and spend points in Tesco stores and with associated retailers.

Points can be collected in Tesco stores, petrol stations, Tesco mobile and across Tesco financial products such as credit cards, bank accounts and mortgages. Every 3 months vouchers are sent out to you based on the amount of points you have collected. You can choose to redeem them online or in-store or turn them into bigger savings on larger things like days out or a meal out.

This ‘boosting’ of points with selected retailers online, also called “Reward Partners” give you the opportunity to buy experiences outside of the Tesco brand.

Customers can apply for free membership to the Tesco Clubcard scheme in-store, online or via phone.

Using Tesco Pay+

In 2017, Tesco launched Tesco Pay+, an app that allows you to pay for goods and collect Clubcard points with a simple swipe of your smartphone.

The Pay+ app links with your bank account and there’s no minimum spend, meaning that you can make larger value purchases easily.

The Pay+ app replaces an older app used by Tesco, but Pay+ has more functions and is far more user-friendly than its predecessor. The app is being continuously improved to make it easier for customers to spend and save with Tesco.

As a way to encourage more users to download and use the Pay+ app, Tesco are offering an additional Clubcard point for every £4 spent in-store up until December 2018, which is excellent news for owners of smartphones who want to increase their points balance.

To set up the Pay+ app, head to the iTunes or Android store and download for free. If you’re linking your credit or bank card through the app, the system will request £2 from the account to check that it is genuine, (this is known as pre-authorisation), but this amount won’t actually be charged to you or leave your bank.

This is common practice when checking the validity of bank accounts and is nothing to be concerned about.

How spending with your Tesco Bank account can earn more points

Spending with your Tesco bank account entitles you to earn more points as an incentive to sign-up and continue to use the account.

New customers can start collecting Clubcard points as soon as they register, and the amount of points varies depending on current offers. For example, you may be able to claim 3 times the amount of points on a particular product for a limited amount of time. You can also gain extra points if you pay with a Tesco credit card or have a Tesco bank current account.

Those with a Tesco bank account will enjoy one additional point per pound spent in Tesco stores or with partner retailers, plus you will also receive one additional point per £8 spent with other retailers who are not part of the Tesco Clubcard programme.

Occasionally, Tesco bank offers existing customers even more points if they use their cards within a promotional period, so this is a really good way of boosting your Clubcard balance.

Another bonus of the Tesco bank account is that the Tesco branded debit card also doubles as your Clubcard, so there’s no need to carry around two separate cards in your wallet or purse.

Which boost partners can you use to maximise your points                                   

Tesco has partnered up with several other retailers to help members maximise their points and make the most out of their loyalty scheme.

Here’s just a few of the current partners that you can use to boost your Clubcard points balance:

  • RAC
  • Prezzo
  • Pizza Express
  • Avios
  • Cineworld
  • Uber
  • Goldsmiths
  • Legoland
  • Whipsnade Zoo

The way that Clubcard Boost works is that you can redeem your points against a service or day out with any boost partner and receive a higher value amount (normally 3 times) for your points.

For example, £5 in Clubcard points could be worth up to £15 at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Boost deals vary and are subject to change, so visit the Tesco Clubcard website to see which deals are currently available. Here you can select the deal you want and redeem the points, making it an easy and cost-effective way to organise a trip with family or friends using your Clubcard.

How other Tesco Products can earn you points

Tesco also offers Clubcard holders the chance to earn points on a wide range of financial services, including:

  • Tesco bank accounts
  • Tesco credit cards
  • Tesco mobile phone contracts
  • Tesco mortgages

Some of these financial products offer points every time you use the card, others are given as bulk point incentives for signing up for an account or for mobile top-ups and phone bill payments.

However, some of these deals may not offer the best value for money or be suitable for your personal circumstances, so it’s best to do your homework before making an application.

Keep an eye out for in-store promotions

In-store promotions are a great way of topping up your Clubcard points balance and Tesco regularly promotes certain products with additional points to encourage customers to buy them.

Items vary from promotion to promotion and some groceries can attract additional points worth in excess of three pounds, so if it’s something you would normally buy anyway, these in-store promotions are a great way to build up your points balance.

If you’re looking at a new mobile phone or electrical item, then the points promotions can climb even higher. These promotions are also available online too, so you can take advantage of the extra points if you prefer to shop from the comfort of your sofa.

The promotions can soon add up to a lot more points, so its well-worth keeping any eye on them while you’re doing your weekly grocery shop.

How you can reclaim lost Clubcard points

There are always occasions when we go shopping but forget to bring our Clubcard with us. This doesn’t mean that the points are gone forever, as Tesco will allow you to add the ‘lost’ points to your account by going to the customer service desk the next time that you’re in-store and presenting your card and receipt.

The staff member will then add the points manually and they’ll appear in your account in a few days.

You can also re-print any Tesco discount vouchers that you might have received in the post and then subsequently mislaid by logging into the Clubcard website. Here, you can view your points balance, browse partner offers and re-print or redeem the missing vouchers.

Once the voucher has been used or expired, it will then disappear from your online Clubcard account.

Are you caught in a loyalty trap?

Loyalty cards are a great way to make the most of your spending, but it’s essential that you check that you’re getting the best deal on the products or services you purchase as you might be overpaying or missing out on more suitable products.

Before making a purchase, consider if you can get the product cheaper elsewhere by calculating the price minus the points value before purchasing.

For financial products such as bank accounts, mortgages and credit cards, it’s wise to research the market before making an application. You can compare sign up incentives, fees and interest rates with our compatibility tool.

Compare cashback Credit Cards

Why you should consider cashback credit cards?

Cashback credit cards are a good alternative for those of us who want to make our money go further, but don’t want to be tied down to certain retailers.

Here are some benefits of cashback credit cards:

  • Most cashback credit cards offer 2%, but some can offer up to 5% of the cashback back on purchases
  • You earn cashback back each time you use the card, regardless of who the retailer is
  • Cashback is paid either annually or monthly
  • Cashback credit cards are great for large purchases
  • The benefits offered by a cashback credit card often far exceed the value of supermarket loyalty points
  • You only have the one card to carry, instead of several supermarket loyalty cards
  • You won’t feel obliged to shop in certain stores in order to get your points

Some people make hundreds of pounds a year using cashback credit cards but to really benefit from this type of credit card, you’ll need to make sure that you repay the outstanding balance in full to avoid interest charges.

Like the supermarket loyalty cards, different cashback credit cards have different cashback percentages and conditions, so head over to an online card comparison site to see which card offers the best deal for your personal circumstances.

Once you’ve found a cashback credit card that’s the perfect fit for you, it’s well worth carrying out a quick eligibility check to see how likely you are to be accepted. Remember, applying for any type of loan or credit card can temporarily harm your credit score, so it’s always best to check before submitting an application.