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Do you love or hate your bank? It’s an important question, but one that might not have crossed your mind, especially if you have simply used your bank account without any issues in the past.

The immediate answer lies in comparison: finding out whether you’re getting a good deal from your bank, or whether they are failing to provide a satisfactory service, compared to other banks. It’s worth asking friends or family to see if they are having a similar, or quite different experience while managing their current accounts, credit cards, personal loans or mortgages.

However, there is more research that you can do before deciding whether you feel strongly about your bank accounts. GfK recently published a report revealing how satisfied the public are with the 16 largest account providers, revealing the most loved, and most hated banks or building societies in the UK. There is also an additional survey dealing with business banking from BDRC.

This information might help you identify the best loved account providers, along with the ones you should probably steer clear from. Read on to find out about reasons to love or hate your bank, along with the results of the report.

Reasons to love or hate your bank

Whether you’ve had a very good, or very bad experience with your bank in the past, you may have already formed an opinion about them. This is the difference between you being a loyal customer or wanting to switch to another account provider for your current account, to move debts or to borrow more money.

The following points might help you decide whether you love or hate your account provider:


Love – if your bank has kept in touch with you, letting you know about updates to their services through email, letters or text message.

Hate – if they’ve been spamming you with unrelated updates with their services and don’t make it obvious how to adjust notifications from them.

Customer service or support

Love – you’ve previously had an issue with your account or a question you couldn’t find the answer to, but it was easily dealt with either online, over the phone or in branch.

Hate – an issue with your account was not dealt with very well, or was dragged out for longer than it needed to be. The support was not very consistent or even very helpful when you tried to get an issue resolved.

Online banking service or use of app

Love – an easy-to-use online banking service with an app that is regularly updated and allows you to manage your finances on the go.

Hate – struggling to login, app crashing or lack of support for issues with online banking either over the phone or in branch.

Access to different features or perks

Love – if your bank offers you additional features that might help or assist you in managing your finances. Whether that is an overdraft, savings account or otherwise. They might even offer perks that come as standard just by being a customer

Hate – a lack of additional services readily available or a lack of clear options when trying to manage your money. No clear perks or benefits for being a loyal customer.


Love – your bank is implementing the latest security measures to make sure they’re keeping your data safe. Using finger print ID or another form of recognition software when logging into online banking.

Hate – your bank has had a high-profile data breach or you generally don’t feel safe when trying to change security preferences on your account.

The Results

Those who were involved in the survey who simply asked if they would recommend their bank to friends and family. The percentage is the proportion who answered “very likely” or “extremely likely” in their response.

Personal Banking

Source: Personal Banking Service Quality – Great Britain, GfK, published Feb 2019

Business Banking

Source: Business Banking Service Quality – Great Britain, BDRC, published Feb 2019


Have you found out whether you love or hate your bank? It’s great news if you’ve realised your bank is doing a good job, whether you’re an individual customer or a business, as this builds loyalty and means you have less to worry about when it comes to your finances.

On the other hand, if you found out you might hate your bank (maybe just dislike – hate is a strong word after all), then this is also good news. It means you can think about switching to a new provider and benefitting from switch incentives.

If you’re looking for a switch to a new current account in particular, find out everything you need to know prior to switching, or just start off your search for a new current account here.