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What is your favourite board game to play at Christmas? There are plenty of classics to choose from and more being added every year meaning that you’re likely to build up quite a collection if you enjoy spending your time in competition with family and friends during the festive period.

Whether you’re a master at Monopoly or feel more at home playing Cluedo, we have a short guide on games that you can use to pick out a new one for this year’s festivities. You can also check out a list of new games that you might want to try out if you have space for a new game in your Christmas schedule.

Popular Games for Christmas 2019

Every family has their favourite game to play at Christmas time, whether it’s a card game, board game, or even interactive game that everyone can get involved in. We’ve put together a list of popular games for 2019 that should give you some inspiration if you’re looking for something new this year.

Board games

While some of these board games aren’t brand new, there might be some hidden Gems you haven’t tried yet that might become a firm favourite with you and your circle of family and friends.

  • Bananagrams – if you’re a fan of scrabble then Bananagrams is likely to be a hit in your household. This fast-paced word game comes in a banana-shaped pouch and takes less than 30 minutes to play. Ideal family game for young and old
  • Dobble – think snap, but with circular cards that only have one other match to find in the 55-card deck. Symbols can be different sizes so the most observant player will triumph. There are also 5 mini games to enjoy alongside the main game. Fun family game for those with quick-reactions
  • Cards Against Humanity – this foul-mouthed, hilarious card game has become a firm favourite amongst those looking for an alternative to classic board games. Whilst the humour might not be for everyone, it’s simple style of play and topical subject matter will surprise and delight first-timers. Ideal for adults and definitely not for children or the easily-offended!
  • Exploding Kittens – this game started life on Kickstarter but has quickly become a quirky modern classic. The eccentric card game is fun, fast-paced and has a great sense of humour. Ideal for cat-lovers, family and friends
  • Taskmaster – spawning from the popular game show with Greg Davies, the board game version gives you up to 200 tasks to complete and be crowned Taskmaster champion (you even receive a tiny trophy). Perfect for teens or adults in the family
  • Throw Throw Burrito – from the makers of Exploding Kittens comes this fast-paced card game with a spicy twist. Upon drawing a battle card, both teams engage in an all-out war of burrito dodgeball. Family-friendly card game with a lot of quirky humour

Interactive games

For those who would prefer their games to be a bit more interactive, there’s nothing quite like getting a fun multiplayer videogame that the whole family can join in with. Amongst the button-bashing juggernauts of the videogame world, there are at least a few games that are inclusive enough to allow both young and old to compete at Christmas time.

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) – the classic racing game has been reborn for life on the Nintendo switch, and with a neat little controller in the palm in your grip you can race to victory against the whole family – just watch out for those green shells!
  • Super Smash Brothers Ultimate (Nintendo Switch) – this battle game is another firm favourite for Nintendo fans, where you can choose your favourite character and attempt to be the last one standing in the arena. Family-friendly feuding at its finest.
  • That’s You! (PS4) – an ideal interactive game for family and friends, That’s You allows you to compete using just your smartphone and take part in drawing challenges or multiple-choice questions based on... you!
  • Knowledge is Power (PS4) – another ideal interactive game but with more emphasis on general knowledge, this fun game will bring out the most competitive amongst your family and friends
  • Overcooked (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) – this fast-paced co-op game has you playing a cartoon chef who has to prepare meals against the clock. Great family-friendly fun for young, old and amateur chefs
  • Just Dance 2019 (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) – if you have a certain few members of the family who need to use up a bit of energy on Christmas day, perhaps a video game like Just Dance 2019 would come in handy? With all the latest pop hits, this energetic game is ideal for younger members of your family to enjoy
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) – whilst this game is now a few years old, the sentiment and enjoyment remains the same: one person tries to disarm a bomb, the rest have to use a manual and tell that person how to do it. Ingenious fun and bound to cause some debate, this is an all-time great interactive game and ideal for teens and adult members of the family

Top 10 Classic Christmas Games

Not ready to ditch the classic Christmas board games just yet? Well we’ve put together our top ten to help you decide which classics you just can’t do without over the festive period. You might even find you haven’t yet played one off our list, which could give you a good reason for picking up a new board game before the big day.

  1. Monopoly – prepare yourself for arguments and make sure you have at least 4 hours to spare before embarking on a game of this classic property board game. There are so many versions now it’s difficult to keep up, but the latest has you playing with a voice-activated banker who is in charge of the money, while you concentrate on carving up the board
  2. Cluedo – anyone who loves a classic whodunnit should be well-versed with Cluedo, which allows players to slowly deduce who the victim was, the weapon that was used and the room in which it took place to be crowned the winner.
  3. Articulate – this classic board game is all about your powers of description, allowing your team to guess what you’re on about before the time runs out. A great family favourite and the most competitive amongst your family and friends
  4. Cranium – this multi-faceted game has you moulding, describing, questioning and performing your way to victory. A great team game that gets the competitive juices flowing over the festive period
  5. Pictionary – the classic drawing game has had so many iterations, but the general premise remains the same. Draw something that your teammate has to figure out, without speaking or miming. A recipe for arguments, excitement and sorting the bad sketchers from the good ones
  6. Trivial Pursuit – despite being very general knowledge heavy, there are plenty of versions of this classic board game that will allow you to play with younger members of the family too. Get your thinking caps on and prepare to scratch your chin more than once as you face off against the opposition
  7. Scrabble – a much calmer game than most on this list, this classic word game is all about hitting those bonus tiles to rack up a decent score. Ideal for those wanting to escape more hectic competitiveness over the festive period
  8. Risk – perhaps divide and conquer is more your strong suit? Risk is a classic board game that might take a while to set up, but once you get into it you can be there for hours trying to take over the world. Now available with lots of different themes to choose from, including Game of Thrones
  9. Jenga – the simplest game on our list, but by no means the easiest; Jenga is perfect for those with slight of touch and will certainly bring out the competitive streak in participants. See how high you can build your brick tower before it falls
  10. Game of Life – this classic game has also seen many re-releases but is essentially the same. Move towards retirement and make life choices along the way. Will you go to work or go to university? How many children will you have along the way? All this and more in this family-friendly race to the finish

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