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Beer prices are a highly contentious issue in the UK, with price hikes becoming more and more frequent. At the end of 2017 the average pint of bitter rose above £3 for the first time in history while lager now sits at £3.58.

It’s now a common occurrence to be asked for £4 for a pint in a British local, but is this the case across the globe?

For those of us who enjoy a tipple on our travels, it’s good to know how much you’re likely to spend – especially in an unfamiliar place. We have looked at the world’s most popular city destinations (and their all-important pint prices), to produce a handy guide.

Read on to discover how much beer £4 will get you around the world.

Beer Price Travel Guide

See below for a comprehensive guide to beer prices in some of the most visited cities across the world.

Beer Travel Guide

Now that you’ve sated your thirst for knowledge, it’s time to look at which cities rank best and worst when it comes to buying a beverage.

Beer Price Leaderboard

Here is our leaderboard of the priciest pints and cheapest cold ones that you’ll find around the globe.

Beer Price Leaderboard

As you can see, Prague gives you the most beer for your buck with almost three and a half pints per £4, whilst Dubai is likely to have you thinking twice with less than half a pint for the same amount.

The Price of a Pint Around the World

Now that you know how much beer £4 gets you in leading tourist destinations across the globe – here is a look at how much you’ll find yourself paying per pint in each city.

City Cost Per Pint
Dubai, UAE £9
Oslo, Norway £7.00
Hong Kong £6
Singapore £5.94
New York, USA £5.32
Paris, France £5.32
London, UK £5.19
Stockholm, Sweden £5.14
Dublin, Ireland £5.05
Shanghai, China £4.88
Copenhagen, Denmark £4.81
Los Angeles, USA £4.58
Rome, Italy £4.50
Amsterdam, Netherlands £4.29
Barcelona, Spain £4.18
Toronto, Canada £4.10
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia £3.81
Tokyo, Japan £3.53
Vienna, Austria £3.31
Seoul, South Korea £3.28
Mumbai, India £2.98
Berlin, Germany £2.72
Istanbul, Turkey £2.52
Bangkok, Thailand £2.44
Rio De Janeiro £2.21
Krakow, Poland £1.79
Taipei, Taiwan £1.77
Johannesburg, South Africa £1.63
Prague, Czech Republic £1.17

*Prices sourced from Expatistan – accurate as of April 2018

Whether you’re a beer connoisseur, a social drinker or just like the odd one every now and then, it’s wise to factor the amber nectar into your holiday budget.

Read more about how to manage your money at home and away in our Wisdom section.

Sources: Global Beer Prices - & Average UK Pint (rounded for clarity)