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Noticed a chill in the air lately? Well if you hadn’t had one eye on your trusty meteorological calendar, you might be surprised to find out it is now Autumn in the UK. That can only mean one thing: break out the chunky-knit jumpers.

As it starts to get colder it’s important to not only stay warm but also stay fashionable. The Guru has an easy job of switching to thermal robes, but for everyone else who isn’t a purple-obsessed wisdom-peddler, you might want to give it a bit more thought.

With that in mind, we thought we’d have a small break from banging on about loans and credit cards and try something completely different. That means taking off our financial hat and putting a particularly fashionable one on instead. One that you’d pass in the street and be so enamoured that you would risk walking into a lamp post just to get a glimpse at it.

Read on to find out about Autumn fashion trends, ways you can look good for less and how you can budget for your clothes shopping (OK we can’t help ourselves – financial wisdom is what we do).

Look good for less this Autumn

Fashion is always evolving, with new trends coming in every season to surprise and delight UK shoppers.

The problem is you can’t possibly be expected to change your wardrobe every 3 months – this would quite possibly bankrupt you. Instead, if you stick to a few useful tips you can avoid having to replace clothes so often and hopefully reduce the amount you spend overall.

  • Ditch fast fashion – while throwaway fashion items are cheap, they will often become worn quickly or might not be very comfortable. Reserve your budget for quality items that can withstand a lot of wear.
  • Stock up on the essentials – before you go and splurge your money on a canary-yellow bubble coat, think about the essentials that will become the mainstays of your wardrobe. We’re talking socks, jeans, plain t-shirts and shoes that can be worn with lots of other things
  • Work those accessories – linking to the above point, use bold accessories on top of your essential clothing to craft different looks. We’re talking jewellery, hats and handbags (and the rest). You will find you can get a multitude of great looks this way, without spending loads
  • Vacuum pack seasonal clothing – rather than ditch your autumnal clothing from last year, keep it stored away so it doesn’t fade or get musty. The best way to this is with vacuum storage bags that will save space and keep clothing fresh
  • Wash clothing as per instructions – this sounds obvious, but washing your clothing as indicated by the label could make it last a lot longer. This stops clothes losing colour and getting worn quickly
  • Online Cashback sites – if you plan on ordering clothes online, you might also want to think about cashback sites that will give you a bonus for shopping. Sites like Topcashback and Quidco both have a free membership that you can use for a limited time

Top 5 Autumn Fashion Trends

There are plenty of trends that you can latch onto now that the colder seasons are upon us, with the best ones allowing you to mix and match your fashion essentials and complement your current wardrobe.

Remember when using these trends as a guide to watch out for items that are timeless. In other words, clothing that can be used in any season and will stand the test of time (unlike sweater vests).

Below we’ve put together 5 top trends for you to use when picking out new clothes this Autumn:

  1. Trench coats – originally created for military-use, the trench coat has become a modern icon of the coat world, with its classic lines and colourful lining. Autumn and Winter are the perfect time to start wearing one, whether you go traditional camel-coloured or a muted orange or yellow if you’re feeling daring
  2. Supersized bags – most high-street shops will have plenty of handbags on offer, not least ones that are supersized and ideal for Autumn. This fashion staple not only looks great but is also practical, with plenty of room to keep important items dry and keep an umbrella in case it starts chucking it down (let’s face it, that could happen at any time in the UK)
  3. Floral prints – the floral print has been popular on the catwalk and the high street for many years now, so it’s no surprise it’s turned up in our top 5 trends for 2019. Floral printed dresses in muted autumnal tones are ideal for stepping out this season, and the right colours can be used all year round
  4. Leather Boots – whether you’re going for a kitten-heel or a platform, leather boots are an ideal trend for colder months. Just make sure you get plenty of use out them and get a leather protector so they last
  5. Bucket hat – this 90’s accessory has made a comeback on the high-street, but now with a luxury makeover. You’ll find fashionable animal prints or even leather options available in most UK shops that will get you Autumn-ready in no time

Ways to budget for fashion

Now that you’ve got the basics and trends down this Autumn, you might need to figure out how to put some money aside to afford your next shopping trip.

Thankfully, what we lack in fashion wisdom we make up for in financial wisdom. Have a look below at a few ways you can jumpstart your savings:

  • Set up a savings pot – most current accounts allow you to easily set up a savings pot on the side of your account so you can effectively syphon off loose change. Some of the top challenger banks such as Revolut, N26, Starling and Monzo all have savings schemes that make it very easy to save. Find out more in our Challenger Bank Review for 2019 or start browsing current accounts today
  • 0% Purchase card – alternatively, if you’d like to spend a certain amount on shopping and spread the cost, perhaps a purchase credit card might be a good option? Compare which credit card gives you the most suitable 0% interest period and you can avoid paying anything extra on your purchases too. Start your search using moneymatcher today to find the best card for you