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If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about getting hitched. Congratulations! Now prepare for the most expensive day of your life (and the best and most amazing yada yada yada).

It’s important you get the balance right to ensure you enjoy your big day.

The cost of UK weddings has reached an all time high, with the average spend coming in at £27,000 and figures in London topping a colossal £38,000*. The cost of getting hitched may be increasing year by year, but there are simple ways to tackle money worries in the run up to your nuptials. Lovebirds, I am here with some words of wisdom to make sure you’re only shedding tears of joy.

Behold! Five ways to cut down on costs, and still achieve the ultimate fairytale wedding:

1. The Proposal

It’s fashionable nowadays to throw a huge engagement party, which sometimes gives the actual wedding day a run for its money. Tone it down, keep it simple, and don’t break the bank. Why not handwrite the invites to make them more personal; printing professionally can cost a lot more than you think. Host the event at home, and to solve the food and drink obstacle by making it a BYOB and food bonanza!

2. The Budget

Set your total budget before the spending begins and stick to it, no matter how tempting the helicopter, gold swan or 18th harpist might be. There are plenty of websites to help you with this, and remember, a budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.

3. The Research

Weddings mean pay day for a lot of people and it’s inevitable that some photographers, bakers or DJs may try to rip you off. Research a number of similar businesses that offer the same service before you commit and then you can decide for yourself if you’ve got a good deal or not when you receive a quote. Try your luck and see if they can throw in a freebie or two… you never know, you could be in for an extra treat

4. The Day

Choosing and setting your wedding date is half the battle. It can be stressful finding a date that suits you, your guests, your budget and the venue itself. You’ll find the majority of venues bump up their prices in peak months, for example, June – September, and lower them in less popular months from January through to March. Think cleverly about how much the date means to you, and if you can sway for a different month, you could save a high percentage of your budget. Book now if you want to get married on Valentine’s Day…2050.

5. The Helping Hand

Take advantage of your talented family and acquaintances! Do you have any keen bakers looking for a wedding cake project? Do you have a friend who’s a DJ in the making? How about a friend of a friend who has a good eye for video and photography? Ask for their services in lieu of a gift and this could save a few Spon-doolies for the honeymoon.  

You might be lucky enough to have financial help from the bank of mum and dad or have saved up extra cash in preparation for the big day. The chances are you may need to take out a loan to cover some of the costs. Visit my loan comparison section and peruse a humongous range of loan options that can help you slide into wedded bliss without a care in the world.

Like choosing the love of your life, it’s important to take care when choosing the right loan to suit you, that’s why my wisdom pages are here to help you before taking any steps in borrowing cash. Shimmy to my wisdom section for more pearls of wisdom before you say I do.

You can also visit my latest wedding infographic for more top tips on budgeting.

Peace and loans,

The G