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National Gardening Week (10-16 April) is upon us, signalling the start of the gardening season and thousands of Brits will be heading into their garden to start getting ready for summer.


While many people save up for home improvements, the garden can often be the last thing on the list. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg – there are plenty of easy hacks and low-cost ideas out there. However, some changes and upgrades are on the expensive side – they require investment to ensure their longevity and quality.

To help you make a decision on whether a hefty garden investment is worth it, I’ve been gabbing over the fence with some of the UK’s top gardening bloggers about the most expensive purchases they’ve made for their garden. Prepare to witness much green-fingered wisdom.  



“The most expensive thing we've ever bought for our garden was a shed. There were plenty of cheaper, more basic storage options but we decided to spend a little extra to ensure we had more storage on hand than we'd ever need. 

“More space meant we could move our garden furniture and BBQ into the shed for the winter and we're safe in the knowledge that they are clean and dry, ready for when the sun comes out”. 

Suzanna And Ruby Makes Four



“The most expensive thing I've ever bought for my garden was a patio, or more accurately, the materials needed to install a patio. We laid the weed membrane, sand, concrete and stone slabs ourselves but even so, the cost of materials soon adds up. It took a couple of days of hard labour to install the patio but I was delighted with the end result and it was money well spent.”

Cassie Cassie Fairy




“The most expensive thing we’ve bought is an artificial lawn – we aren’t big gardeners so we wanted the lawn to look good, without the hassle of mowing it every week. We didn’t regret it at all, it looks gorgeous all year long and I can even hoover it if I need to, so it keeps looking good. We love it!”

Alina Davies We Made This Life



“When we moved into our current house we loved the large private patio and spent quite a lot on garden furniture to accompany it, including an outdoor sofa, a hot tub and a large table for a BBQ. Having friends and family over and making the most of the outdoors meant we prioritised the garden over other things in the house at the time.

“We've used the furniture every summer for many years and will do so for years to come hopefully, so we definitely don't regret it. Perhaps not what everyone would prioritise but the garden is very important to me.”

Samm The Inspiration Highway



“We were very lucky with our garden as we inherited a wooden climbing frame/swing set from the previous owners, along with a wooden playhouse. Our biggest expense has been levelling the garden and laying turf and artificial grass to make it more child-friendly. 

“We also spent quite a bit on a wooden picnic table for our children – it was a Christmas present for them and they absolutely love it, it encourages them to get outside in the summer so it’s been worth every penny.”

Leyla This Day I Love



“My biggest purchase for my garden has been a gas BBQ but we recently got rid of it when we moved to a smaller property. We’ve now got a smaller kettle-style BBQ but it does just as good a job, so we’ve actually saved ourselves some money.”

Rachael Jess



“We wanted an area to put our garden table and chairs on, so we invested in some decking. It has completely transformed out garden.”

Gina Caro - Gypsy Soul



“The most expensive thing I've ever bought for my garden has definitely been a pair of very fancy pruners. I have gone years buying cheap ones and every single season I would have to purchase a new one because they would go blunt, rusty or just completely stiff. Blunt pruners do nothing for your garden – they damage your precious rose bushes more than an army of aphids. It wasn't until last year when I bought a pair that was around the £50 mark – the best gardening decision I've made.” 

Tereza Kohutova Cityscape Bliss



“The most expensive thing we've bought for our garden was a ride-on lawnmower when we had a really big garden. It may have cost a bit but it was worth every penny for the time it saved, and the entertainment it gave my husband and kids.”

Carol Cliffe Family Makes


If you do need to spend a bit of extra cash on garden furniture, or some brand new equipment to keep on top of things, you might want to consider borrowing to cover the costs. Whether it’s taking out a loan, or signing up to a credit card, make sure you visit me at to compare what’s available.

When it comes to money matters, I’m a perennial favourite and together, we can nurture your financial wisdom until it grows into something beautiful. My words of wisdom are like jewels scattered along the garden path.


Peace and loans,

The G