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The online world can be a wonderfully liberating place where things happen faster and easier than in real life. With an online loan, you can search, apply, accept and receive funds without leaving the comfort of your meditation cushion.


The process

When seeking an online loan, the process usually begins by searching for the amount or type of loan you need in a search engine. Performing this broad search will highlight the APRs (the interest costs you’ll have to pay) and possibly the best type of credit to suit the amount of money or borrowing time you need.

Performing an online search, as well as applying for or accepting the terms and conditions of an online loan is not just restricted to a desktop computer or laptop. You can do it on any device with an internet connection and a web browser such as a mobile phone or tablet.


Myths about online loans

  • An online loan carries a higher APR as commission for the broker or lender, to offset the fact that there is no paperwork, calls or person-to-person interaction.
  • You can only apply for an online loan during business hours.
  • You need to have online banking set up to receive any short term finance online.

None of the above myths are true. The APR may look high as it is expressed as an annual calculation, the only part of an online loan affected by business hours is the electronic transfer of funds into your bank account, and you only need to have a UK bank account that accepts direct deposits.


Using MoneyGuru

MoneyGuru’s Smart Search application process is entirely online and gives you access to a panel of trusted UK lenders. The search is performed with just one application form that’s powered by our award-winning technology.

An efficient alternative to Smart Search is our comparison tables. These let you quickly compare deals. Just select the type of loan you need and you can view all of the deals available through MoneyGuru. All our comparison tables are customisable depending on what you’re looking for, and you can arrange the order to suit your needs.

When using the Smart Search tool, the lenders that have the chance to approve your loan application will be ordered by cheapest APR first. We achieve this by using our unique technology to scan your application and order the lender panel based on your individual circumstances. This is why it’s important to only enter honest and up-to-date information during the application process.

MoneyGuru encourages all customers to consider the alternatives to borrowing online before applying for finance, as agreeing to take out a loan can sometimes lead to debt-related difficulties. For more information on getting out of debt, or to find free and impartial advice, see or for more information.

“Ready to seek out the most righteous loans? Touch my face to search our panel of lenders.”