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CATHERINE, Duchess of Cambridge may be eyeing up the crown jewels after personal finance experts Money Guru revealed that parents with three children borrow eight percent more money and for ten percent longer than those with just two children*.

The data showed that those with four children seem to be borrowing less with a nine percent drop in the requested loan amount compared to those with three children.  Even families with five children are borrowing less with the total loan amount dropping by 13 percent in comparison.

It’s not all bad news for parents however, as those that are footloose and dependent free were responsible for the most loan applications overall followed by those with only one child.

So what is it about that third child that rocks the financial boat? The bigger car? The extra holiday expenditure?

Of course, spending behaviours will vary from family to family but the gurus behind Money Guru are here with some wise words for K.Middy and her fellow soon-to-be parents of three…

Create a family budget (and stick to it)

Create a family planning budget that will allow you to save where you need to as well as being financially prepared for family holidays, school trips and those little unexpected financial surprises that go hand in hand with family life. Go through your monthly bank statement and identify what you spend and where small changes are a great way to save money. Treat your monthly savings as another bill and you will soon have a buffer to help put your mind at rest. Plus you might have a little left over for a relaxing treat with (or without) the kids. 

Waste not, want not  

Don’t fruit shame! Shops sell misshapen fruit and veg for a fraction of the price so if the aesthetics of your food doesn’t bother you, this regular save could add up to big bucks! Make your food last and check out Good to Know for some savvy recipes on how to make the most of your leftovers!

Make your credit card do the work

You cart your credit card around all day, its high time it started to pull its weight. Loads of credit cards offer supermarket incentives as a reward for paying off your balance each month. Compare your options using our credit card comparison tool and see which card will give you the best value.

Use a cloth nappy

Using a cloth nappy instead of disposable is a great money saving if you have multiple children. While the initial investment is higher, cloth nappies are a serious money saver in the long run as well as being easily washable and better for the environment. If you would prefer to stick with disposable, buy in bulk and look out for deals – if there is one thing you can guarantee with a baby, it’s that you’ll always need extra nappies…

Curb your impulses

See an item you really want for yourself or your kids? Stare at the object for a moment in the store and if you are not in love with it, walk away. If you don't think about it again after you've left the store, then you didn’t really want or need it that badly in the first place!

Don’t be afraid to recycle

Having a third child comes with the added benefit of not only knowing exactly what you need to invest in (and what you can do without) but also have clothes, shoes, cots and buggies already to hand. Baby items are expensive, don’t be afraid to use hand-me-downs from your older children; we guarantee your newborn won’t mind and the other parents will be in awe of their ‘vintage’ wardrobe.

Be consistent

When you go to the hole-in-the-wall, try to always take out the same amount, then pay it back to yourself as needed. This way you know exactly how long it lasts and if you spend it more quickly than usual you know to rein it in for the rest of the month.

Sniff out a bargain

Clipping coupons and discount codes are addictive and can save you series spondoolies! There are loads of websites offering discount codes on branded products and magazines often run ‘deal of the week’ features on a range of products that you wouldn’t usually splash out on. Check out to see if any of the thousands of vouchers tickle your fancy or save on a family day out by visiting