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Part 3: Which Famous Spender Are You?

The digital revolution has changed much in society, from how we communicate to how we consume culture. It’s also had a huge influence on how we spend our money, with the decline of the high street falling in line with the shift to online spending.

Part 1 of our Survey of UK Consumers looked at how Spending Trends have been affected by the digital revolution.

Part 2 looked at how they viewed sharing money with their partner, and the impact relationships have on financial decisions.

In Part 3, take the highlights of the survey questions in our quiz, see how you fare compared to the rest of the UK, and find out which famous spender this makes you!


Are you good at budgeting or do you spend without thinking?


Test yourself on the cost of everyday items to see which famous spender you are!

How much is a pint of semi-skimmed milk?

How much is a medium latte at a coffee shop?

How much is a branded loaf of bread?

What is the average cost of a pint of beer?

How much does a box of 6 medium, free range eggs cost?

What is the price of a first class stamp?

How much is a can of coke in a supermarket?

How much is a Mars Bar?

What is the average cost of a trip to the cinema?

What is the average price of 250g of butter?

Marie Antoinette


Like Marie Antoinette, you like spending money but know the cost of nothing. Budgeting - what's that?

Jay Gatsby


While you can be extravagant and forget about budgeting, you manage to save for bigger items because you know the value of most everyday things.

Jay Gatsby managed to save for a massive house to impress the love of his life, but he also loved expensive parties.



You know the price of everything and make sure to budget. Your obsession with the value of things is getting a little out of hand!