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A study by TSB* shows over a quarter of Brits ask our mum and dad for help managing our money and habits good and bad can often be traced back to our parents.

Over to the bloggers to impart their wisdom on the best dad-vice they have been given…

Vicki Psarias –  Honest Mum

The best piece of advice I ever got from my Dad was to always make sure you save monthly so you have money to pay your VAT! Now that I own my own business, that advice was invaluable – thanks Dad!

Ashlie Dunn - Sugar Rushed

My Dad was a deep sea fisherman his whole life and the hardest working person I've known. He was 6ft 8 with a big black beard and hands like shovels, he looked like Bluto! His motto was "If you work hard enough there isn't much you can't have" After leaving school at 15 with no qualifications and seeing what he built for me and my brother from nothing I believe him too. He sadly passed away when I was 12 but the best bit of financial advice he gave me was

"Never take advice about money from someone you wouldn't want to switch places with"

It's always worked well for me.

John Adams –

 “The best advice I received from my stepfather was to haggle and try to strike a deal. It embarrasses my wife and she has to walk off when I do it, but she admits she's very impressed I even try! If making a sizeable purchase I will always try to strike a deal. More often than not, I am successful and it's a skill I am trying to pass on to my kids as well. The problem is, they're rather good at it and often outwit mum and dad and I have to concede I'm to blame!" 

Tasha Steel - Hello Freckles

My Dad's always been good with money and taught me the importance of saving up. That being said he's never stopped me from treating myself to a new bag, shoes or endless makeup - it's about balance. If anything he just tries to see if there's any discount I can apply to make that treat a little sweeter!

Tom Boston - The Proper Stuff

I grew up in Yorkshire. My Dad, like all Dad's from Yorkshire, uses the phrase 'owt for nowt'. Roughly translated it means 'Anything for nothing' or 'If it's free I will have it, regardless if I need/want it'. My Dad loves a bargain. He especially loves a freebie. 'Can you believe someone threw this away?!' is one of his favourite phrases. If my Dad taught me anything about money, it's that the best things in life are free. That and 'It's not stealing if you take it out of someone's skip.’

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