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UK women are taking control of their finances

UK women are taking control of their finances image
Money Guru

23rd January 2023

1 minute read

A new study by personal finances experts shows that men and women are equal when it comes to applications for loans, despite the gender pay gap.

Research by the personal finance gurus shows that over the last twelve months both sexes have applied to loan the same amount of money, even though double the number of men are earning over £2,000 a month compared to women.

The Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 finally outlawed discrimination against women seeking to obtain goods, facilities or services, including loans or credit. However, a news report in the Times in 1978 revealed some retailers were still asking for male guarantors.

Deborah Vickers, channel director at said:

We have never seen a gender gap when it comes to applications which is great to see. Just a generation ago women were viewed as a riskier investment by banks and stores and often had to get their father or husband to sign for most loans even if they earned more than them so it shows real progress that just as many women as men are taking the lead when it comes to finding the right deals for them.

The study also found that more women are living independently, with 85 percent of females living away from home when they make applications for loans, compared to just 74 percent of men. Women are also flying the nest earlier with just 41 percent of women aged under 25 living with family compared to 52 percent of men the same age. More older men, aged 75+, are living with family while women of the same age are 4 percent more likely to own their own home.

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