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Compare Bad Credit Loans


Behold! Displaying 3 results based on a loan amount of £3,000 over a term of 2 years

George Banco

Guarantor Loan
George Banco logo


APR representative


Total repayable


Per month
  • Low credit rating accepted
Representative Example: A loan of £3,000 over 24 months at a fixed annual rate of 41.06% would result in a representative rate of 49.7% APR, 24 monthly repayments of £185.28 and a total amount repayable of £4,446.72.


Guarantor Loan
Amigo logo


APR representative


Total repayable


Per month
  • Low credit rating accepted
Representative Example: A loan of £3,000 over 24 months at a fixed annual rate of 41.16% would result in a representative rate of 49.9% APR, 24 monthly repayments of £185.45 and a total amount repayable of £4,450.80.

118 118 Money

Personal Loan
118 118 Money logo


APR representative


Total repayable


Per month
  • Low credit rating accepted
Representative Example: A loan of £3,000 over 24 months at a fixed annual rate of 71.3% would result in a representative rate of 99.9% APR, 24 monthly repayments of £237.75 and a total amount repayable of £5,706.00.
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    Are you looking to apply for a personal loan but have a bad credit rating? Even if you have very bad credit, loans are still available if you need to borrow money, though they will come with a high APR compared to other personal loans.

    Whether you require a bad credit loan with no guarantor or one with a guarantor, you will find plenty of options through specialist lenders who can supply an instant decision on whether or not you will be accepted.

    Our free moneymatcher comparison tool will also help you find an appropriate bad credit loan with no broker. This will increase the chances of finding the best loan for your circumstances without affecting your credit score, or spending any more money in the process.

    What is a bad credit loan?

    A bad credit loan is simply a loan for someone with a bad credit rating or low credit score. You won’t usually find bad credit loans being labelled as such, but any loan that accepts a low credit rating or has the option of a guarantor is designed for those with bad credit.

    Bad credit loans usually come with higher interest rates than more mainstream credit options. That means they should only be an option if you know you’re unlikely to qualify for more common personal loans.

    They are also normally unsecured, meaning that they are not secured against an asset such as your home or car but based solely on your credit rating. The pricing will therefore reflect the risk taken by the lender.

    What are the best loan options for bad credit?

    There are a few different loan options for people with bad credit but they will almost always come with a higher APR than most other loans, since it’s seen as a higher risk for lenders. Bad credit loan options include:

    • Guarantor loan - the most common kind of bad credit loan is a guarantor loan, where you nominate someone to act on your behalf as a guarantor, thereby using their good credit score rather than your bad credit score. They will ultimately be responsible for any payments that you miss during the loan period
      • Homeowner – where the guarantor has to be a homeowner to qualify. The loan is still unsecured and will not impact the guarantor’s property
      • Non Homeowner/Tenant – where the guarantor doesn’t have to be a homeowner to qualify
    • No guarantor loan – this is simply a personal loan designed for someone with bad credit. This means it comes with a high APR where you will end up paying back much more over the lifetime of the lending period
    • Short term loan – if you require funds to tide you over for a short time, then a short term loan might also help. Also made for those with bad credit, payday loans (as they are sometimes called) can really help balance your account, but the high APR means they shouldn’t be taken out for very long

    Which lenders offer bad credit loans?

    There are plenty of lenders offering bad credit loans to choose from, including:

    These lenders will have varying rates to offer, and should clearly state whether the deal requires a guarantor or not. Browse through our comparison tables above to find out if any deals match your requirements.

    Can I get a bad credit loan?

    If you have a bad or poor credit rating, then you will be able to apply for a bad credit loan. To be sure of your credit score, why not apply for a credit report to find out what your financial history looks like?

    Bad credit loans are risky, but lenders will usually charge more for them because of the risk – so there’s a reason they will want to lend to you. Whatever bad credit loan option you pick, make sure you compare rates to find the best deal available to you. Start with our moneymatcher comparison tool.

    Alternatives to getting a bad credit loan

    If you don’t need money urgently, you might want to think about taking steps to improve your credit rating instead. This will mean you will have access to better financial products in the future, including low rate credit cards, personal loans with favourable rates and even a mortgage.

    One way to improve your rating is by taking out a credit builder card. This will give you access to a small line of credit and if you can pay off the card each month, it will slowly improve your score over time.

    Our lenders

    We work with a huge range of lenders to give you a wide selection of financial products, ensuring you can find a loan to suit your circumstances.

    Each lender is screened to make sure they meet our high standards before we agree to work with them. This ensures that you can trust them as much as we do, allowing you to find the best product from a reputable source.

    We have a diverse range of lenders specialising in different loan products, allowing you to borrow money quickly, easily and safely every time. Our moneymatcher comparison tool will allow you to narrow down your search and pick out the right loan product for you.

    Have a look at our provider pages to see our full list of lenders.

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