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Meet the Guru

Meeting the Guru in person can be quite an experience. A shining purple beacon of hope and wisdom in a fog of financial uncertainty or a hairy bloke riding a stuffed elephant? We'll let you decide.

The Guru is mostly recognised for his luscious facial hair and the faint aroma of sandalwood that immediately hits the nostrils. But what do we really know about him? The man is quite frankly an enigma. As wise as an owl, agile like a gazelle and with a haircut like a disturbingly attractive Lion, he can be found sharing nuggets of financial wisdom on UK streets up and down the country.

To find out more about him, we visited his natural habitat (Money Guru HQ) to ask him a few questions. Check out our Q&A Challenge below to find out what he has for breakfast, how he gets his beard so soft and and whether he can play table tennis.

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