Welcome to My Account!

We have brought together all of your activity with Money Guru into one place so you can track products and make sure you can access your results at any time. Your account dashboard will allow you to complete the following actions: Review your results – credit cards or loans that you have searched for Create a new search – search for new credit cards or loans using MoneyMatcher Discover personalised offers – view offers related to the products Change your notification preferences – amend how you would like us to contact you credit cards or loans you have searched for previously If you have made a recent search for credit cards or loans, you will be able to view those results or see whether they have been updated. This can happen when our partners change a product, introduce new products or retire old products. We have also made sure you have access to exclusive offers through My Account. These will be personalised to suit your previous searches and could be another opportunity to find new products without having to complete a new search. Lastly, keep your personal details up to date to ensure you are receiving the most relevant results for you. For example, if you have recently become a homeowner, you can change your personal details to reflect this.