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Welcome to our very first Money Matters post for 2020, where we put together recent news, events and articles of interest for you to catch up on in January, brought to you by the Money Guru Squad.

News Highlights:

  • Brexit deadline still confirmed as 31st January
  • Card Spending Update reveals £16.6 billion spent on credit cards in Oct 2019
  • Net flow of consumer credit fell to £0.6 billion in November 2019
  • Term for 0% balance transfer credit cards fallen to average of 17 months

The first month of 2020 has been a slow countdown to the Brexit deadline of 31st January that is, at the time of writing, still confirmed and not set for further delays. This means at the very least that a period of UK uncertainty is coming to an end, with a new one beginning. This will come in the form of a transitional period estimated to be around a year long.

A report from UK Finance showed us that UK credit card holders spent £16.6 billion over 291 million transactions in October 2019, but this was actually down by 2.7% in the same period a year before. Another report from the Bank of England showed that consumer credit flow was at £0.6 billion, the smallest since November 2013.

Money Guru Highlights:

Have you checked your eligibility?

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