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The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invest.  Tax rules may change and their effects depend on individual circumstances. Barclays Smart Investor doesn't offer advice. If unsure seek independent advice.

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    Opening an investment ISA savings account (or stocks and shares ISA) is a good way to get a better interest rate, and avoid having to pay tax on anything you earn. Whilst this method comes with a small amount of risk, (like an innovative finance ISA) you will almost always get a better return and receive a better savings bonus by the time your agreed period comes to an end.

    When choosing to save in this way, you can decide exactly where your savings are invested and what the potential returns would be, based on the amount and time period. Each provider will be able to point you in the right direction of how your savings should be invested, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before.

    Like any other ISA, you have a personal allowance of £20,000 that you can deposit at one time, or you can choose to spread this amount over different ISAs, such as a cash ISA or innovative finance ISA.

    What is an investment ISA savings account?

    An investment ISA savings account (or stocks and shares ISA) is a good way to invest your savings in the stock market and earn a potential return that is usually higher than the interest from a standard savings account.

    Even though it involves a level of risk, since the stock market is prone to fluctuating, many savers choose an investment ISA to complement other accounts such as a cash ISA and innovative finance ISA. The fact it is an ISA means that you will not be taxed on any interest you earn. However, there is currently an annual allowance of £20,000, meaning you can choose to deposit this maximum amount in one ISA or across multiple ISA accounts.

    How does an investment ISA savings account work?

    • Deposit a lump sum (no more than £20k)
    • Choose which funds you would like to invest in
    • Earn interest without having to pay tax
    • Wait until the end of a set period before making a withdrawal

    An investment ISA savings account works by taking your savings an investing them in various stocks and shares, with the purpose of getting a good return from the stock or share price rising. With it being an ISA, any interest you earn on top of these investments will not be taxed.

    You can choose between various providers who will have a list of funds you can invest your money in, with an indication of how much you could potentially earn from each investment and how long it would have to be made for. It’s worth understanding that the stock market can go up or down, meaning that you could be left with less than what you started with.

    Despite this level of risk, many savers and investors use an investment ISA as part of their personal allowance of £20k per year, as it can lead to much better returns than a standard savings account.

    How to open an investment ISA savings account

    Like many other types of savings account, you can open an investment ISA completely online, as long as you have the required details indicated by the provider. This might include name, UK address, national insurance number and employment status, but may differ depending on the provider you choose. Some providers will also require a credit check.

    Look out for the following details when browsing investment ISAs:

    • Funds available – the provider should indicate what funds you will have access to and what your investment options will be. These might include individual shares, investment funds and investment trusts
    • Risk – the provider might indicate the risk attached to certain funds so you can make an informed decision
    • Minimum and maximum deposit amount – the minimum could be anything from £1 all the way up to the current maximum personal allowance of £20k
    • Additional fees – these could include fees from investment platforms and from individual fund managers

    Have a look at our comparison tables to see if you can find the best investment ISA savings account would be the best option for you.

    Who we work with

    We work with a number of providers to deliver a wide selection of savings accounts for you to choose from, enabling you to find the best option for you, whether it’s a cash ISA, investment ISA, peer-to-peer savings account or otherwise.

    Each of our providers are screened to make sure they meet our high standards before we agree to work with them. This ensures that you can trust them as much as we do, allowing you to find the best savings product from a reputable source.

    You can find out more about our lenders and providers here

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