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If you’re a beginner, you can check out our ‘Beginner’s Guide To Investing’ for the ins and outs. If you already know your stuff, here are three ways you can get that investing ball rolling...

Stock and shares

Investing in the stock market basically means to own a tiny percentage of a company’s value. The stock market is where shares are bought and sold. So, owning a share means you technically have a percentage of ownership in a company/corporation’s value. The whole idea in investing in the stock market is to hopefully sell your share for more than you bought it for, therefore benefitting financially. If the company grows and gains value, your share (investment) will be worth a higher value too. You can compare different Stocks and Shares ISAs available here.


Getting onto the property ladder is a huge achievement, and though not everyone sees this as an investment, it absolutely is! You’re ultimately investing a large sum of money over a number of years (usually in the form of a mortgage) in return for owning that property. When it comes to selling, more often than not it will be worth more than what you’ve paid as long as it is well kept and in good condition. This, therefore, makes a great investment option.

ISA Savings

You will find that providers offer a range of options when opening a cash ISA; this could vary from whether it's a fixed or easy access account, it could have a fixed interest period, or sometimes there will be a minimum or maximum amount that you can deposit per month.

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*Don’t forget, investing always comes with risk. You may get back less than you invest.