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How to check your credit report

How to check your credit report

It is important to check your credit report to ensure there are no mistakes or if you have been a victim of fraudulent activity.

Companies such as provide a full range of services which allow you to not only check your score and see if your details are correct, but also improve your score, help you find deals and spot mistakes in your credit history.


How to fix mistakes on your credit report:

If you do find any mistakes, challenge them by complaining to the credit reference agency. They have 28 days to remove the information or provide an explanation as to why your request can not be actioned. Whilst being reviewed the ‘mistake’ will be marked as ‘disputed information’ and can’t rely on it when assessing your credit rating.

You can also directly contact the  you believe responsible for the incorrect entry. Credit reference agencies work with lenders to obtain information to build your credit report, these lenders are therefore in the best position to resolve incorrect entries.

If the information on your credit file is correct, but does not indicate your current situation e.g. you were in debt due to unemployment and now you have a job, a notice of correction can be added to your credit report, this can be a statement of up to 200 words explaining what happened.